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Give in to the temptation of an exceptional full day's angling at some of the finest fishing spots in the Wallonia valleys, home made rustic pic-nic included!

The expertise of a guide garanties a successful and fulfilling angling experience. It offers the possibilty to easily change spots by using a specialy adapted all-terrain vehicle.

Dry fly or emergent fly fishing give great results for catching the distrustful wild trout and the massive grayling posted in the current.

Nymphing is also possible in clear and shallow waters.

Free Access :

Some spots are accessible on your own without a guide. These are fitted out with access paths, car parks and resting areas. Trout and grayling are sometimes difficult to lure and it is then possible to quickely change fishing spot to find the best conditions (hatchings).

The hatchings of ephemera and trichoptera are abundant and help localise the rises. The observation of the wild fish activity demands a precise expertise, necessary for a satisfactory catch.

It is also possible to catch big grayling by letting a nymph drift close to the bottom.




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The fishing spots are accessible either with a guide or on your own

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