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The fishing spots are managed in a patrimonial fashion in order to sustain wild populations of native Belgian fish : the common trout (or brown trout) and the common grayling are the two usual angling catches. The taking on the fish populations is minimal in order to promote natural reproduction. Trout and grayling stay well adapted to their environment and feed according to the activity of insects and crustaceans. This favours quality angling based on observation and understanding of river life.

The other species of fish are also important because they constitute a food reserve for the trout. Among these we find the "chabot" (bullhead) and "vairon" (minnows).

The quality of fishing spots depends on the quality of the water and habitat of the fishes and insects. Habitat is optimised by creating hiding places in the underbanks and hunting posts (submerged tree trunks and blocks of stone).

Redds and aquatic plants also need a special attention.

Consulting service

Personalised consulancy for the management of rivers and expertise for developing fishing spots are available from engineers and specialized technicians at « Stream and River Consult ».





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Safeguarding rivers




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